RObot en-hanced SenSing, INtelligence and actuation to Improve job quality in manufacturing.
This are the key-words composing ROSSINI, a H2020 RIA FoF project recently funded by the European Commision.
The Department of Sciences and Methods of Engineering is partner together with the company Datalogic S.R.L. and a reach partnership including other 11 research institution and private companies.
Main ROSSINI aims are to design, develop and demonstrate a modular and scalable platform for the integration of human-centred robotic technologies in industrial production environments.
To do that, researchers and innovators in the project will develope innovative technological components and methodologies in all fields related to collaborative robotics (sensing, control, actuation, human aspects, risk assessment methodology), and they will integrate all such components in an open platform ensuring quick ramp-up and easy integration.
ROSSINI will make of HRC a viable choice for manufacturers which up to now did not implement it, due to the regulatory and technological limitations of the technology: by increasing the sensing capability, the intelligence, the fast reaction capacity and the communication skills of robots, ROSSINI will deliver high performance, in terms of payloads, working speed and productivity, to HRC, thus ensuring that manufactures enjoy the “best of both worlds” of industrial and collaborative robots.
ROSSINI starts