Human friendly Robotics 2019

The 12th International Workshop on Human-Friendly Robotics (HFR 2019) will be organized on October 24-25, 2019, by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and will take place at the Hotel Posta, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The growing need to automate

Robomore Researchers in dialogue

Eight talks to know better UNIMORE’s studies and applications in robotics Wednesday 17th of April next knowledge transfer and exchange among ROBOMORE’s researchers (in Italian) Durante il workshop verranno presentati i lavori scientifici di alcuni dei suoi ricercatori e ricercatrici;

How do you program 1000 robots?

ROBOMORE invites you to its second workshop. This time we cast the light on multi-robots systems. Main actors are Jacopo Panerati and Giovanni Beltrame from the Polytechnique Montreal. “A Symbiotic Human and Multi-Robot Planetary Exploration System” and “How do you program 1000

Mobile Robots Coordination

A new button appeared on the ROBOMORE website today, that connecting our readers with the new cycle of SEMINARS organized by the research group members, under the coordination of Prof. Cristian Secchi. The first will happen next Wednesday, 14th of November,